Unimog Museum | Gaggenau, Germany

Experience a declaration of love to the Unimog!

Go on a journey through time and learn how world history has affected the Unimog. What connects the Unimog with Hollywood and why the Unimog is superior to an elephant. Even Elvis and Franz Beckenbauer are part of the show. With attractions for the whole family – with vehicles from seven decades.

Experience the fascination of Unimog in the truest sense of the word on the outdoor course. Parallel to the opening hours you can ride the Unimog over hill and dale. 100% incline, 70% gradient and 20 degrees incline – or in other words a museum experience of a special kind.

The Unimog was built in Gaggenau for over 50 years. That is why the Unimog Museum has a very special relationship with this city. In the Unimog Museum, the exciting industrial history of the Murg valley is told in changing chapters in special exhibitions during the winter months.

Further information can be found here on the homepage of the Unimog-Museum!

Visit the new Unimog Museum: NOW DOUBLE AS GOOD AS BEFORE

Images & text: Markus Jordan, MBpassion.de


After almost two years of construction, the Unimog Museum in Gaggenau opened its doors on the last weekend of January and doubled its exhibition space with an extension. The new building, which cost millions, is directly adjacent to the existing building and houses the exhibition “The Best of the Unimog Museum”.



The Unimog Museum in Gaggenau is a success story and has already welcomed over half a million visitors since it opened in 2006. And there has always been more to see and marvel at than there was room for. An extension with a second exhibition hall and an event room has now been added to the existing building and around 4.3 million euros have been invested. The cost of the conversion has increased by about half a million euros more than originally planned. The construction of the museum was financed by donations and financial subsidies from the city of Gaggenau and the district of Rastatt.

Das Unimog-Museum in Gaggenau: nun doppelt so gut wie zuvor


The new hall is around ten metres high and extends the exhibition area to around 1,100 square metres. There is also additional space on a gallery. At the opening of the Unimog, almost all model series of the Unimog as well as the MB-trac tractor from various fields of application are currently on display. The museum is showing exhibits from donations and private permanent loans.

Highlights of the exhibition include the prototype “U6” built in 1948, an original restored Boehringer Unimog with the number 70200/00221 from 1950, and a Unimog 416a with bus body.

Das Unimog-Museum in Gaggenau: nun doppelt so gut wie zuvor

In addition to the exhibits, the vehicles are now shown with new digital exhibit steles provided to the museum by the Unimog Club Gaggenau. This allows visitors to click directly on the specific vehicle and the model series, right through to photos and films showing examples of use. Since two vehicles or units always share a stele, there are currently 30 of them in the museum. In addition, multimedia guides in several languages and a special app are available to guide visitors through the exhibition.

Parallel to the opening of the new building, the existing exhibition area of the Unimog Museum was redesigned and equipped with new exhibits. In two cabs, visitors can get behind the wheel of the Unimog themselves and get a feel for what it was and is like to use a Unimog as a working machine.


Das Unimog-Museum in Gaggenau: nun doppelt so gut wie zuvor


A special emphasis is now also placed on the presentation of the “MB-trac” models, where five instead of two of the extraordinary vehicles are now on display. The highlight is the MB-trac 1800 intercooler, the last “flagship” from Gaggenau production. The exhibition is complemented by a permanent exhibition of five classic vehicles from the automotive industry in Gaggenau from 1894 to the present day.

Das Unimog-Museum in Gaggenau: nun doppelt so gut wie zuvor