Unimog Museum | Gaggenau, Germany

Experience a declaration of love to the Unimog!

Go on a journey through time and learn how world history has affected the Unimog. What connects the Unimog with Hollywood and why the Unimog is superior to an elephant. Even Elvis and Franz Beckenbauer are part of the show. With attractions for the whole family – with vehicles from seven decades.

Experience the fascination of Unimog in the truest sense of the word on the outdoor course. Parallel to the opening hours you can ride the Unimog over hill and dale. 100% incline, 70% gradient and 20 degrees incline – or in other words a museum experience of a special kind.

The Unimog was built in Gaggenau for over 50 years. That is why the Unimog Museum has a very special relationship with this city. In the Unimog Museum, the exciting industrial history of the Murg valley is told in changing chapters in special exhibitions during the winter months.