UCG News May 2020 – News around the Unimog-Club Gaggenau

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Dear members, dear regional representatives, dear Unimog-friends,

we hope you’re all well. The Corona virus keeps the world in suspense and this time does not pass us by without a trace. Many Unimog events have already had to be cancelled or have been postponed. The regional commissioners’ meeting and the parts market in May have been cancelled without substitution. However, we hope that the new planned date for the meeting of the regional representatives in November can take place as normal. The general meeting has been postponed to August and will (hopefully) take place during the annual meeting in Bahrenfleth.


Membership Development
Our association currently has 7,348 members. With a new member from Denmark we are now represented in 41 countries. We say welcome and hope that soon even more Danish Unimog enthusiasts will join us.

Collection of membership fees
The membership fee was collected at the end of February. Currently 37 membership fees are still outstanding. This relatively low rate is pleasing, since the expenditure w. Return debit notes and manual collection of the contributions is very high. If these are not transferred by the end of May, the respective members will not receive any more booklet’l. The increase in dues has not caused any problems, also because of the transparent information, among other things in Heft’l 105.


Since no meetings, regulars’ tables or other events are possible at present, there is unfortunately nothing to report from the regional groups.


From 21 to 23.08.2020, the Regional Group of Schleswig-Holstein (around the Regional Commissioner Marten Schröder and his deputy Jana Rudolph) organizes our annual meeting. The event takes place in Bahrenfleth, near Glücksstadt and Itzehoe.

At the moment we are planning this event as usual and will inform you as soon as possible in case of a forced cancellation. You can find the registration form on our homepage as well as in our magazine Heft`l 106. As usual, we will ask for the registration fee in advance. In case of a cancellation of the event from our side you will get back the registration fee. If you have ordered a badge, we will send it and deduct the amount (10,00 Euro or 15,00 Euro) from the refund sum.


Of course we would be happy to see you all again at the annual meeting healthy and happy. After all, we would like to hold our general meeting there, which would normally have taken place in Gaggenau in May. However, we also have a great responsibility towards the health of our members. Therefore, we are waiting to see how things develop and hope for the best.


The UCG on TV: Coffee or tea

On 12.03.2020 the Unimog Club was a guest of the SWR (Südwestrundfunk) in Baden-Baden. The afternoon television programme “Kaffee oder Tee” (coffee or tea) is a service and advice magazine that takes a close look at interesting clubs from time to time. Our first chairman, Rainer Hildebrandt, had accepted the invitation of the station. The magazine’s editor wanted to meet a young, committed member as well as a functionary, which is why Michel Dicke was also present. Our two UCG’ler were available to answer the moderator’s questions about the fascination of the Unimog and our club. Those who did miss the show can watch the episode in the media library of the SWR:

https://www.ardmediathek.de/swr/player/Y3JpZDovL3N3ci5kZS9hZXgvbzEyMTIwMzg/rainer- hildebrandt-und-michel-dicke-unimog-club-gaggenau-e-v



Print shop
The issue ‘l 106 was the last copy which was printed by the company Scharer from Kuppenheim. Unfortunately, the company has meanwhile ceased operations. The next issue will be produced by a company from Bavaria. We are sure to be able to deliver the same quality. We would like to thank the Scharer company once again for the many years of very good cooperation.

Cash audit
On 14 March 2020 the cash audit for the past, somewhat short association year took place. Only the months of November and December 2019 were audited, but since our association year is also the calendar year from this year on, this short association year was unavoidable. The cash auditors Edgar Rost and Paul Westermann accepted the invitation to the cash audit. Rainer Hildebrandt, Claudio Lazzarini and Beatrice Ehrlich were also present. The documents were inspected, randomly checked and reconciled with the available results of the annual cash flow statement. The cash balances (accounts/cash desk) also listed in the annual cash statement corresponded to the balances on the account statements viewed. The assets of the association were correctly presented and recorded. The vouchers could be allocated, the income and expenses were duly entered in the books and in the correct amount. No objections were raised. This result will also be presented by the auditors at the next general meeting.

Board meeting
The last “normal” board meeting was held in Kuppenheim at the end of January. Since then, online meetings have been held from time to time in small groups. Thanks to “Teams”, an online platform for video conferences, we are all well connected and can discuss board decisions despite the ban on contact.

Truck driver’s license
We also want to pursue the issue of driving licences for young people. All interested parties should contact the office, no matter from which part of the Republic. We collect the demand and then negotiate favourable conditions for participants with possible driving schools in the regions. In general, we must ensure that we generate enough young people in the Unimog community so that the UCG is also equipped for the future.


The 3rd update meeting of the individual working group leaders would normally have taken place on 25.04.2020 and had to be postponed to an unknown date.


The last event that has not yet fallen victim to the corona crisis was the trade fair in Stuttgart. Werner Vögele, Dennis Dessecker and his team from the Middle Neckar Regional Group were on site to represent our association. The Unimog Museum was also involved. It was a little quieter than in previous years, but this did not detract from the atmosphere on site.

New were the polo shirts, which we procured especially for trade fairs and for which we were financially supported byMercedes-Benz. So the white shirts with yellow ties are now obsolete. We would like to thank all the helpers in the assembly/disassembly and the stand service. Worth mentioning is also the special price, which we were allowed to take home. A partially restored U 2010 by Fabio Ponzi from Italy was exhibited. The right side of the vehicle is in its original condition, the left side was lovingly and perfectly restored.

The Unimog with the award with owner Fabio Ponzi

This exhibit is the craft of Fabio Ponzi, who runs a workshop in Italy and is also a member of our association. If you were at the annual meeting in Somaggia last year, you have certainly discovered this unique object there. Many thanks to Fabio Ponzi for providing the vehicle!


  • 08.-10.05.2020 Messe Motorworld Classics, Friedrichshafen cancelled
  • 15.05.2019 Regionalbeauftragten-Tagung cancelled
  • 16.05.2020 Teilemarkt cancelled
  • 16.05.2020 Mitgliederversammlung new date see below
  • 06.-07.06.2020  Treffen UC Italia cancelled
  • 19.-21.06.2020 Technorama Kassel cancelled
  • 24.-28.06.2020 Techno Classica Essen 
  • 07.-09.08.2020 Sommertreffen UVC cancelled
  • 21.-24.08.2020 Jahrestreffen in Bahrenfleth (Schleswig-Holstein)
  • 22.08.2020, 11 Uhr Mitgliederversammlung in Bahrenfleth (Schlewig-Holstein)
  • 05.-06.09.2020 Unimog- und MB-trac Feld Tage Nordhorn
  • 18.-20.09.2020 Unimog-Treffen Speikboden
  • 17.- 18.10.2020 Strandspektakel Ijmuiden (Holland)

Keep well! Sincerely, Your board